• Aluminum Hand Trolley


    Aluminum Hand Trolley 80 series, which is an industrial aluminum hand truck, with a load capacity of 200KG or above. Applicable to warehouse, airport and construction site, convenient for transportation;

    The main components are made of aluminum alloy, with beautiful appearance; Light weight, environmental protection, not easy to rust, easy to push and transport, flexible turning.

    Larger loading capacity, bigger space to carry more cargo.

    FW-85 & FW-86 are multi-functional hand trolleys. It can use as like a forklift when with two wheels on the ground, loading the goods, more convenient and fast, It can also use as a platform truck, when with four-wheel on ground,loading more goods, easy to pull and flexible turning. When you don't need to use it, just fold it and put in a small space, it is very suitable for warehouse, retail stores using.

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